Chabad Centers

Following is a list of Chabad centers in Jerusalem that cater to English speaking audiences. Some, such as the kotel and Heichal Menachem cater to all languages, but English is one of the more significant:

1 ) Jerusalem Connection Resource Center

2)  Baka Chabad Center for English Speakers

3)  Chabad Center of Talbiyeh

4)  Chabad of Hebrew University

5)  Chabad of Katamon and Gonen

6)  Chabad of the Old City

7)  Chabad of Rehavia

8)  Chabad of the Cardo

9)  Chabad of the Western Wall – the Kotel

10) Mayanot Institute of Jewish Studies

11)  Ohr Chaya Institute for Women

12) Heichal Menachem

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