Noach – Out of the Ark

There’s something funny about the end of the story of the flood.  Neither Noach nor his family, nor even the animals in the ark, seemed to want to leave!  It was necessary for God to command them to leave the ark; otherwise, it would appear, they would have remained in the ark, even though the flood waters receded and it was possible for man and animals to once more walk upon dry land!

The explanation: The co-existence of carnivorous and other animals on the ark, including animals which the carnivorous animals generally eat, was miraculous.  Even the fact that Noach and his family were able to care for and feed so many animals, without being attacked and hurt (Noach was bitten by a lion on the ark, but that was because he was late in feeding the lion), was miraculous.  In fact, it recalls the age of meshiach, when “the lamb will lie with the wolf,” and various other miracles will take place.  Because of the elevated spiritual status of the ark, reminiscent of the future to come, the “residents” of the ark did not want to leave it.  It took a specific command from God to get them off the ark.

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From Likutei Sichot of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, vol. 25, pp 28-37

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