Chabad of the Old City

Chabad of the Old City of Jerusalem is part of the Tzemach Tzedek synagogue at 31 Chabad Street.  The Chabad house is on the lower floor of the synagogue, immediately to the left as you enter the building from Chabad Street.

The director is R’ Mendel Osdoba, and he is present in the Chabad House most weekly afternoons.  The Chabad House holds major events such as Chasidishe farbrengens in English,  Purim megila reading, public Chanuka lighting, Simchat Beit Hasoeva, and more.

Chabad of the Old city of Jerusalem opened when the first shluchim of the Rebbe arrived in the early 1970’s.  Quite a line of people attempted to make a “go” of the post from then until 1989, when R’ Osdoba took over.  The director of Chabad of the Old city is an employee of R’ Shia Yuzevitch, gabai of the Tzemach Tzedek Shul.  When the shul was refurbished in the 1986, the Chabad House got a lift (see Chabad History).

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