Jerusalem Connection Resource Center

Jerusalem Connection was founded in 1991 with a blessing from the Chabad Lubavitcher Rebbe, R’ Menachem Mendel Schneerson.  The blessing arrived via the Rebbe’s personal secretary, R’ Leibel Groner (sh’yicheyeh!) during the first gulf war.

Jerusalem Connection moved into its current premises in the Hurva Square of the old city of Jerusalem in 1992, and began activities and events during the week of “Gimmel Tammuz” in 1994.  Since then, Jerusalem Connection has grown its activities and outreach and is well known in Jerusalem for its Shabbat hospitality, outreach to olim chadashim (“new immigrants” to Israel), and its famous tefilin stand (“Tefilin – Just Do It”) catering to tourists, students and the Jewish public  in the Hurva Square of the old city.

Contact: R’ David Sterne at

For more information, go to

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