Moving into Ellul…

17 Jun

Of course, it was only “yesterday” that we fasted and mourned over the loss of our Temple, the Beit Hamikdash…but it’s already time to move on to another period of the year, the period known as Ellul, in preparation for the “High Holidays” about to come upon us in another month…

Is Ellul important?  You bet it is…the King is in the Field…He is accessible, all we have to do is go out to find Him, get connected.  It’s not always this easy, so get with it friends, it’s the month of Ani ledodi v‘dodi li (“Elul”) – “I am for my Beloved, and He for me” – but it starts with us, the Jews, simply going “out to the field” to meet the Him,  The rest of the year, He’s in His palace, inaccessble, but now is the time to reach and get reconnected…more to come…

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