Chanukah is Approaching!

26 Nov

It’s a rare occurrence. The Jewish festival of lights, Chanuka, meets with a pleasant secular American celebration called Thanksgiving this weekend.  It’s an occasion for hoda’ah (“giving thanks and conceding God’s greatness”) as well as for hodu (“turkey”).  That’s what we can look forward to this weekend.  But, that does not even come close to capturing the light and holiness that exudes from Jerusalem as we approach Chanuka.  All is light, even the stones are light.  The air is holy, and the people are all sharing in the rarefied air.  Any unpleasant news, about “agreements” or otherwise, just does not affect this atmosphere.  The city levitates over such worldly matters, somehow avoiding them completely.  The Jerusalem atmosphere enables us to dive into some deep words on the Torah portion, found at   For something a bit lighter, if you would like to know what’s happening with Chabad in Jerusalem, go to our site,   And if all that is not enough for you, and you seek to further your spiritual growth with some good books, go to  Something for everyone…

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