Pulling a Shabbat Switch

16 Dec

An interesting role reversal happened in Jerusalem’s old city this Shabbat.  Families that love having many guests all of a sudden found themselves without guests.  The snow storm forced nearly all guests to cancel.  So, what happened?  The families invited each other.  We became each other’s guests.  Nice way to spend Shabbat.  The quiet also forced us to think about the snow, rain and ice.  What is the meaning of all this?  For two and one half months, no rain, and then in four days we get enough rain for all of December?  Torah is compared to water; it comes from a high place and descends to a low place.  Ice and snow, which are also water, also come from a high spiritual place.  Ice is solid, we cannot see or feel through it.  It represents spirituality that descends to us in a hidden manner.  It is too high for our feeble minds, so it remains concealed from our perception.  Snow is soft and gentle.  It melts, becoming flowing water.  Snow is spirituality that descends from a high place that is hidden to us but becomes accessible with time and effort.  It represents what is beyond but attainable through meditation, prayer and study.  This winter months are to remind us of what is beyond us and yet available if we just put in the time and effort.  Don’t let the cold and ice fool you.  With some effort, we can break on through to the other side.  For inside information on the depths of the weekly Torah portion, go to www.jerusalemconnection.org/weekly.  For information on Chabad in Jerusalem, go to www.chabadjerusalem.org.  And if you really want to invest in your level of spirituality, you need www.jewishspiritualbooks.com.  Something for everyone…

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