HIgh Priest of the Suiperbowl

3 Feb

Today, I mention my sins; I watched the Superbowl last night (Here in Israel it was on from 1:30 AM to almost 5 AM).  I was expecting to see some great American football, which I love.   Instead, I saw one team absolutely pulverize the other in a way that was so convincing it was boring.  I managed to stay awake just long enough to see Scar Jo do her Soda Stream spot.  Life is good.  Nevertheless, next year we will not stay up all night long to watch a bunch of 350 pounders pulverize each other.  We will instead watch the highlights on television the next day.  But here’s the takeaway from a spiritual perspective.  You gotta wear the right uniform.  Last night, the team wearing white was on the inside track, always pushing closer to the goal posts.  The team wearing orange was on the outside – they just couldn’t get anywhere near the goal.  In this week’s Torah portion (Tezaveh) there is only one team, but it has two uniforms.  When the High priest wore his white uniform, he was on the inside track.  When he donned his golden uniform, he was generally on the outside, trying to get in.   So, clothes do matter.  Keep that in mind.  For more sartorial advice, go to our website at http://www.jerusalemconnection.org/weekly   If you like what you find, you may want to look further, at www.jewishspiritualbooks.com (especially if you’re into Jewish meditation and prayer).  Finally, if you want to know what’s going on with Chabad in Jerusalem (no, we don’t watch football every night), check out www.chabadjerusalem.org.  Have fun and enjoy the month of Adar!

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