Reality Check

25 Feb

There is nothing like a trip to the “fathers of the world” to provide us with a reality check.  And the same applies to the “mothers of the world.”  Today, we made a trip with a few students to the tomb of Rachel, the wife of Yaakov our forefather.  Two things stuck me about our trip.  First, the bus transporting people to the tomb was absolutely full, standing room only.  I had expected to find a mostly empty bus, but the residents of Jerusalem apparently love to pray at Rachel’s tomb.  The bus driver reported that all of the buses on this route to Kever Rachel are full.  Second, Rachel’s tomb is no longer the unassuming little dome structure that it used to be.  It is now a fortress.  Even Hevron does not seem as absolutely walled in and protected as Rachel’s tomb.  And for good reason – the “neighbors” across the street from Rachel’s tomb are not friendly, to say the least.  What is the takeaway from our day excursion?  First of all, the Jews know where to turn for their prayers.  Second, we have an army that protects us. 

                For some deeper Torah thoughts on the parsha, go to  And if you like Jewish meditation and prayer, visit our suite of spiritual books at  Have a great week!

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