Aside 24 Jun

This week’s words of Torah are dedicated to “our boys,” to Naphtali, Gilad and Eyal, who were kidnapped almost two weeks ago near Hebron and not heard from since.  It is known who the kidnappers were – two Hamas operatives recently released from jail in the Shalit deal.  Here is what the chief Bedouin tracker says,  “In every corner and in every room and tunnel that I go into, I see them in front of my eyes,” Major Mazarib, 37, commander of the southern West Bank’s specialized tracking unit, said in Hebrew. “As long as there are three missing, we’re going to keep going.” Major Mazarib and his 50 trackers, all Bedouin citizens who serve voluntarily in the Israeli military, were among perhaps 1,000 troops who converged Monday around the village of Beit Kahil.”  We are witnessing an unprecedented expression of Israeli unity.  It is significant that the whole country, not only the families of the kidnapped, stand behind this search.  Yes, there are the usual far-left loonies who attempt to justify this dastardly act, but overall there is more unity behind the search than behind anything that happened recently in Israel.  We will find our boys!
For something on the weekly Torah portion, check out If you’d like to delve a bit deeper and look into books on the subject, try  And finally, for a taste of Chabad in Jerusalem, go to  And here are a couple more options for the spiritually oriented: and  With all these options, you are sure to find something that suits your fancy!

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