Our Way

16 Jul

A couple of weeks ago, we read the prophecy of a non-Jew (Bilam) and what he had to say about the Jews. Among other things, he described the Jews as “a nation that dwells alone.” That can be an intimidating thought, but these days it seems to be true. As Hamas shows its true colors, shooting from civilian quarters and beseeching its population to remain in place as the Israeli army enters, we Jews know that we “march to a different drummer.” For example, we go way out of our way to avoid harming Gaza civilians, even though by willingly remaining in the line of fire they become accomplices to the conflict. Some of the world sympathizes with us, but only so much and only for so long. So, is there anything wrong with blazing our own path, with being a nation that “does things our way”? I for one am becoming very comfortable with the idea. We’re on our own national journey and we can be quite proud of that. Want to know more about the Jewish journey? Go to http://jerusalemconnection.org/weekly Feeling like praying, cause the situation calls for it? Go to http://www.jewishspiritualbooks.cm Want to know more about Chabad in Jerusalem? http://www.chabadjerusalem.org is for you!
And if you’re an avid reader of Jewish spiritual matters, you’ll enjoy both http://www.rootsofprayer.blogspot.co.il as well as http://www.neirot.com That should keep us all busy for awhile!

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