Summer Time

18 Aug

There is something quite contrary going on here in Jerusalem.  While the fighting was taking place in Gaza, there were still tourist groups passing through the old city.  Whether Birthright or USY or NIFTY or whatever, there were all kinds of tourist groups, though not as many as before the fighting.  However, since the fighting has died down in Gaza, there are virtually no groups passing through.  Why would that be?  It is now summer vacation, now plus there is a semblance of “peace,” and yet virtually no tour groups seem to be coming to Israel?  It would appear that there is a “lag” – whatever occurs in the security situation is reflected two or three weeks later on the ground in the tourist areas.  If so, then allow me to inform anyone who is reconsidering – it is quiet and safe here in the old city of Jerusalem.  Now is the time to join us in the holy Land, and especially this week, during parshat Re’eh you will feel safe and secure!  For more on the subject, check out our weekly words of Torah, at  And if you really want to delve into the subject of prayer and meditation, then is for you.  If you just want to know something about Chabad in Jerusalem, try  After all that, here are two additional sites for your perusal:  and  Have a great week!

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