Shana tova u’metuka! (Sweet new year!)

23 Sep

It’s hard to believe, but true – the year is coming to an end and a new year about to enter.  All the energy of 5774 dissipates, and with the blast of the shofar, a whole new vitality enters the universe.  Here’s what a famous rabbi, R’ Nosson Nata Shapira (author of Megaleh Amukot, sixteenth century Poland) says.  “The nation that hears the shofar will go from one spiritual high to the next.  When coronating a new king, the Jews used to announce, Yechi hamelech – “The King lives!”  (from Melachim 1:1).  Mortal kings below exist in parallel and corresponding to God’s reign above, so when we coronate God as our King on Rosh Hashana, and mention Him in our prayers (“the holy King,” as well as “the King of judgment”), we also blow on the shofar and announce that God is our King.  That’s why it says (Psalms 81), “because it is a law for the Jews, and a judgment for the God of Jacob” – just as it is a law for the Jews, it is an injunction regarding the God of Israel.  We wish to inform the world that His reign is honest and real, which is why we say, “Happy is the nation…”  It is the shofar blast that informs the world that we follow His dictates, and that His is the real and true reign and government…”

So, there you have it folks…if you want to know more, go to and look it up.  And if you want to delve more into Jewish prayer and meditation, try  Want to know more in general?  Check out and

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