Tefila tip #4, and Zot Chanukah!

24 Dec

Chanukah in Jerusalem is fantastic!  Huge blue neon Chanukiyot in the public squares, cars with Chanukiyot on their roofs (that’s in all of Israel and also elsewhere), tiny lit up Chanukiyot on the power lines.  And that’s aside from everyone’s personal Chanukiyah in their front doorway or the windows of their home.  Tis truly chag ha’urim, the “festival of lights.”  There’s inner light (hod- majesty) and there is external light (hadar– splendor).  Inner light just is – it’s inside of us and the person who possesses it might not know it, but it emanates from him (or her, of course).  Then there is outer light that you gotta “hook up,” it doesn’t shine automatically, you have to turn it on, but when it does, it lights up the whole public arena.  Then, there’s Chanukah, the “festival of lights.”  That’s when the inner light (hod) shines outside (hadar).  That’s when the powerful inner light that is just is, cause it’s an essential part of us, emanates outside as well.  When that happens, as it does during Chanukah, there’s nothing stopping it.  If you’re wondering how you can tap into some of that inner light, as well as get some tips on prayer (“Tefila tips”),  check out our blog at www.jerusalemconnection.org/weekly   If that’s not deep enough for you, then check out our suite of spiritual books on the subject, at www.jewishspiritualbooks.com.  And finally if you just want to see whose lighting up the public arena, so go to www.chabadjerusalem.org  

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