When it all got turned around…

4 Mar

Do you sense a change in the air?  Can you feel the new winds blowing? Something positive is about to happen and in fact, it’s happening already.  When Purim rolls around, the Jews are on a roll.  It’s felt in the US, in Washington DC and here in Jerusalem as well.  The operative words of the Purim story are, Venahafoch hu – “And it all got turned around.”  Whether in the life of nations or in the life of individuals, a good approach is to take whatever comes your way, accepting it with equanimity, and then when the right moment comes, to turn it around.  That’s the Purim story in a nutshell…for months the Jews “took it” from an anti-semitic minister in the court of the Persian king, and then when they had an opportunity, a righteous Jewish woman “turned it around.”  There’s another angle to this story; the whole time that we are “taking it on the chin” from the powers that be, we do not see the purpose behind the whole story.  We do not detect the Godliness that is present.  Only after we have made the “turn-around” does it become evident that really He was there throughout the events.  Throughout the Purim story in the scroll of Esther, there is no mention of God.  Only at the end, after the turn-around, does it become clear that He was present and guiding the events all along.  Every detail, every  event, and every episode was pregnant with higher purpose, even if we were unaware of it at the time.  That is the human condition.  We find ourselves in circumstances that are beyond our control, with limited awareness, and our goal must be to overcome the limitations and reveal the higher purpose that is behind the circumstances in which we find ourselves.  So, when we sit down this week at our Purim feast, let’s recall the tough details, and then recall how it gets turned around to reveal the reality that He is with us all the time.  That’s how the Jews roll…

If you’d like to know more about how the Jews roll, and especially about how we pray and meditate, have a look at www.jerusalemconnection.org/weekly  To really delve into the subject in depth, check out our suite of books on the subject of Jewish meditative prayer, at www.jewishspritualbooks.com.  And finally, for some information about Chabad in Jerusalem, check out our site at www.chabadjerusalem.org  Have a nice day and a fantastic Purim!

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