Aside 6 Jan

Here are three reasons to come to Israel right now:  One – the weather is great (chilly but sunny), unlike the extreme cold that the US is facing right now.  Two – During this week fall the memorial days of two great Tzadikim (holy men) – Baba Sali (R’ Yisrael Abuhatzeira) and the previous Rebbe of Chabad (the Rayatz, R’ Yoseph Yitzhak Schneerson), and people in Israel still appreciate and celebrate the life of a tzadik.  Three – Birthright groups are here, and they raise the spirit and energy level with their enthusiasm for everything Israeli.  If that’s not enough for you, then this also happens to be the week of Torah portion Beshalach, during which the Jews escaped from the Egyptian bondage and officially become a people.  Moreover, the month of Shvat that just began has something for all of us.  First of all, it’s the month of food (and if you’re vegetarian it’s the month of trees), and the organ of the month is the stomach.  But perhaps most of all, the month of Shvat is associated with the tribe of Asher and the sense of enjoyment.  Something for everyone, for those who are willing to partake!
For more on the subject of the Jewish escape from Egyptian bondage, go to  If you are interested in Jewish meditation and meditative prayer, then is for you.  And if you just wish to become acquainted with Chabad in Jerusalem, then is for you! 

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