Multimedia Show

14 Jan

This week, the Jews receive the Torah.  That’s right, during this week’s Torah reading – Yitro – we receive the Torah. This was possibly the greatest multimedia event of all times, with visible voices, audible sights and all other kinds of supernatural phenomena that really kept the Jews on their feet.  Well, sort of.  When God started speaking to the Jews, delivering the ten commandments, it really threw the Jews back.  Literally, about twelve miles back.  The reinforcements arrived in the form of angels, who gently nudged the Jews back to Mt. Sinai and kept them on their feet, but by that time the Jews had heard enough.  They asked Moshe to cover for them.  He would listen to God directly and the Jews were happy to receive the message from him indirectly.  I wish I had been there.  Oh, I was…and come to think of it, so were you!  But for some reason, I don’t recall it.  For analysis of what occurred there, go to and you’ll find a great description.  Or, if you’re the meditative type and you love delving into deep volumes on the subject of prayer and meditation, go to  Finally, if you want to know what’s going on with us in Jerusalem, go to   One way or another, we’re all connected.

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