Second Chance

14 May

We are in the heart of the omer, the countdown period that occurs between Pesach and Shavuot.  Twenty nine days, to be exact, or four weeks, one day and counting.  Tonite, we have the holiday of Pesach sheni, or the “second Pesach,” during which the Jews get a “second chance.”  Those who were impure or far away on the night of the exodus from Egypt, got a second chance to join the festivities a month later.  And the same is true of the rest of us; it’s never too late to throw our hat into the ring.  It’s never too late to say, “Hey I want to be part of this party together with the rest of you.”  Simultaneously, it also happens to be the yahrtzeit, or day of passing of a great Jewish sage – R’ Meir.  We are told that the other sages of his day “couldn’t fathom the depths of R’ Meir’s teachings,” and that R’ Meir could present three hundred parables in order to teach any subject of the Torah.  It’s never too late; if one parable or life-event doesn’t convince you, another one will, it’s never too late to join the party…

For more on the period of counting, check out our weekly words of spirituality at  And for more depth and color on Jewish spirituality and meditation, check out  Finally, to gain some awareness of the color and history of Chabad in Jerusalem, check out  Image

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