Musing with the times…

21 May

Lag b’Omer has come and gone, and once again, I ask myself the quintessential Jewish question, “where am I”?  I don’t know why Lag b’Omer does this, even Yom Kippur doesn’t make me as introspective as Lag b’Omer does.  While everyone else is huddled around a huge bonfire or pushing their way up to Meron and R’ Shimon bar Yochai, I can be found alone at my desk, pondering the mysteries of the universe.  Is there something wrong with that on lag b’Omer?  I don’t think so, actually…Lag b’Omer is all about what the mystics called hod, or “glory” and the way we get into the glory is by pondering the mystery of creation, so maybe I’m onto something…at the same time, Lag b’Omer is not just your standard “glory.”  It’s hod within hod, or the “glory of the glory.”  Another way of getting that is to know that we are not just puny in relation to Him.  That would be like saying, “yeah God is bigger than I am.”  Congratulations you have arrived at step one.  Rebbe Shimon was step one thousand or maybe one hundred thousand.  Hod within hod is more like, “I don’t exist, I’m really not here, I’m only a piece of the One above.”  A little infinity (soul) within a body, that’s the Jew.  When my musings get me to that point, I’m ready for R’ Shimon…

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