Into the Fray and Beyond

27 May

   Lots of people just “don’t want to get involved.”  But sometimes, it makes sense.  That’s the art of “picking your battles.”  You can’t choose every battle that come your way, but you should certainly choose some of them.  This week, we experienced the day (yesod within yesod) of a famous biblical figure – Yoseph hatzadik, or “Joseph the righteous.”  Joseph’s contribution was his ability to be above the fray even while in the midst of the fray.  While the chief viceroy of Egypt, Joseph was nonetheless able to keep his head above the accounts, beyond the politics, and past the petty squabbles of Egyptian life.  He remained focused and concentrated on one thing alone – the One above.  Joseph was a highly developed individual, and not all of us can master his trait of being “above the fray” even while “in the fray.”  On the other hand, it is not totally beyond us.  The method was perfected by Joseph but we can tap into it.  His quality was the ability to be tied to someone/something beyond himself.  When you are connected Above (the fray) you do not fall down (into the fray).  For more on the subject, have a look at this week’s words of Torah at  If you like what you see, you may want to check out and pick up some valuable info on Jewish meditation and prayer.  And if you really want to dive into life in the big (spiritual) city, go to   Here are a couple of other links for good measure: and  See ya on the other (higher) spiritual side…

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