No-Man’s Land

12 Jun

 Still in the shadow of Shavuot, we reach for another season of the year on the Jewish calendar.  It’s a spiritual “no-man’s land,” as we leave the festival and inch toward another spiritual event, looking around to discover what it might be.  It’s a good time for taking stock, for noting where we have been and where we now want to go.  Where we have been?  Dare we say, “one on one with the One above” during Shavuot?  And if so, where do we go next?  Clues are to be found in the weekly Torah portion.  This week it’s about sending “spies” to check out the lay of the land.  That’s a good thing to do when you’re thinking about taking a new direction.  You should always scout out where you want to go before going there.  For more on that, have a look at our weekly words of Torah at  And if you’re into not just words, but whole books on the subject, try  Finally, for some local Jerusalem news, look at  Here are a couple more good links for good measure;, and last but not least,  Enjoy and have a great week!


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