All we are asking…

4 Aug

As of this morning Israeli time, there is an uneasy ceasefire declared by Israel in Gaza.  As to be expected, Hamas is not honoring the ceasefire but rather continues shooting rockets at Israel.  But at the moment, that is not what interests us.  Today is erev tisha b’Av, the day before the ninth of Av, and what interests us is the upcoming fast and the mourning over the loss of two Temples, which were the focal point of Jewish life in Israel when they stood.  If today, we are fighting in Gaza and struggling to right public opinion for our obviously justified campaign, it is because we are lacking a Temple, lacking a focal point for our Jewish identity and expression.  Were the Temple standing, the spiritual light would be so great that it would overcome and banish any resistance, and there would be no fighting or bloodshed.  So, what we can hope and pray for over the next two days is to rebuild the Temple and put an end to all bloodshed and strife.  One path to get there is through prayer, and that’s what this week’s words of Torah are about – see for more information.  Also, check out for deeper information on Jewish prayer and meditation, and go to for more information on Chabad here in Jerusalem.  Finally, for matters of interest, check out and also  A little something for everyone!

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