Summer Vacation

11 Aug

The concept of “summer vacation” may have originated from the Torah.  During the summer after the exodus from Egypt, Moses went up and down Mt. Sinai no less than three times.  It seems that these three “hikes” may qualify as the prototypes for the time that we spend outdoors during the summer, during the second half of the Jewish month of Av (roughly corresponding with August).  Apparently, Moses did not sleep or eat during the three periods of forty days that he ascended the mountain.  Being that we are a much later and therefore lower generation, we no longer maintain this custom.  We eat and sleep outdoors and enjoy the outdoor weather.  Moshe utilized his time on the mountain to absorb the words of God in order to transmit them to the Jewish people as the Torah.  We also have an obligation to learn some Torah every day, so if you’d like to find out more about Moshe and Mt. Sinai, go to  If you prefer something a little more in depth, try our suite of books on Jewish meditation and prayer, at  And if you just want to know a little about Chabad in Jerusalem, go to 

            Some people may want to know more details about prayer – for that, go to  And finally for some general knowledge about the weekly Torah portion and other matters, go to  Have a great week!

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