New Series – Tefila Tips!

3 Dec

Shalom, Y’all!
We are beginning a new series of weekly emails, based upon techniques of meditation and prayer in the Jewish tradition. I believe that prayer is the “last frontier,” and that it is the area in which many of us are underdeveloped. We know that we have to fulfill 613 commandments. And we know that we have to learn some Torah every day. But, we tend to take prayer for granted, and discharge our duty as quickly and mindlessly as possible. Sometimes, this is because we don’t have time or because we have other priorities. But often, it is simply because well-meaning people do not know how to pray with intention. So, the purpose of this new series will be to refer to our website,, where we will post a different part of the prayer service every week, and analyze it according to the inner dimensions of Torah: kaballah and chasidut. We will also suggest a way of incorporating the new meaning into our prayers. In this way, we hope to promote mindful prayer and bring the ultimate redemption that much closer!
So, click on to get this week’s tip on tefila. If you’re looking for something more in depth, then try our suite of books on Jewish prayer and meditation at Finally, for news on Chabad in Jerusalem, go to

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