The Quorum Quandary – To pray with a minyan or alone?

11 Dec

This week’s Tefila Tip is about a practical issue –whether or not to pray with a minyan (prayer quorum of ten men).  Put in mundane terms, the question is, “do I join them or do I go it alone?”  Of course, it’s easier to stay at home and pray by ourself, but there are some good reasons for going to synagogue and praying together with friends.  Part of it is ahavat Yisrael – the general principle of love for a fellow Jew.  Since we are all brothers and sisters, so to speak, the more that we express our “togetherness,” the more we can do for each other.  But, there’s more to it than that, there are some spiritual reason as well.  If you’re interested, read all about it, at   It’s a fascinating topic!

And if that’s not enough and you want more, try our suite of spiritual books at    Some people just prefer to know what’s going with Chabad in Jerusalem – in that case, check us out at

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